Grant had his 3 year old WCC at 3 o'clock today so I had to put him down for an early nap. We had playgroup at Nadine's this morning and Gracie didn't nap! I tried to put her down there but she just didn't fall asleep. weird. So, by 12:15 we were home and both kiddos were down! Well, it might have been 12:30 by the time I got Grace fed and in bed.

so, of course, the one day they're both sleeping well and probably would have slept another hour or so I had to wake them up!

Grant was SO good at the dr's, though - I was worried that he'd freak out, but he was just this happy little boy who let the dr. listen to him and examine him. When Dr. Roscoe and I were talking, Grant was just standing in the corner and all of a sudden Grant burst out with "I watch Christmas Monkey!" lol. Grant even raised his arms over his head like the one dance they do on the Christmas Monkey special.

I wore Gracie in the sling, and it was SO NICE to not be lugging the carseat around! I wore her tummy-to-tummy, with her legs out of the sling around me; it was cute, and I loved having her that close to me.

Talked with Dr. Roscoe about her eczema, and he said it sounds like an allergy issue, not a dermatology issue. So, we have one more Rx ointment to try, but we'll probably do the allergy testing at her 9 month WCC. :(

We picked up CFA for supper and came home. Matt was home early, too, so it was a nice evening.

a boy funny

When Matt got home last night he was asking Grant about the dr's appointment (Grant had his 3 year old WCC yesterday), and the very fiRST thing Grant said was "he looked at penis!" I just burst out laughing and had to turn my head, and Matt's eyes got big and said "really?" All the dr. did was slighly pull the underwear back to make sure the "boy parts" looked okay, but it must have made an impression on Grant! Ah, the mom of a boy!

Sweet Birthday Boy

My favorite baby boy is 3! I am just in awe that it was 3 years ago that we brought this 6 pound baby home from the hospital. We spent many nights vacuuming his room or swinging him almost 180* in his carseat to keep him asleep...and now he's a lovable, chatty, smart, funny, yogurt-crazy, farm-equipment-loving toddler boy. He just melts my heart, and I love, love, LOVE having a toddler boy.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Grant.

The cake:

Getting SO excited as we sang!

Bring that cake closer!

Blowing hard!

Serious about this cake business!

I'm 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Figuring out the presents!

And, wow! a present!!!!!

So in love with the big, new, *working* clauss combine!

and, my sweet Grant Owen, a miracle baby boy, whom I never thought would be possible and has forever made me slightly nostalgic about Target restrooms! :)

New Year's Resolutions

I read an interesting article talking about the science behind resolutions...

It said according to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, people who made New Year's Resolutions had higher rates of success at making the desired behavior change (losing weight, exercising more and quitting smoking being the most prevalent) than people who did not make resolutions. After six months, 46 percent of the resolution makers were successful compared to just 4 percent of the people who did not make resolutions.

So, I think I better get my resolutions written down, huh?

Missing Matt...and more random Tuesday happenings

He's gone tonight on business. the house is so lonely in the evenings with out him here! I miss him.

Anyway, the kiddos and I had a fun day, though. Grant and I did lots of running around the house (he LOVES it when I chase him!) and hopping like frogs, jumping like gorillas, etc. He, minus one potty trip 10 minutes after he went to bed, went straight to sleep, so I think I wore him out! It's just so hard to keep him active (as active as he needs to be!) when it's sooo cold out!

So, Gracie is just starting to like a few more solid foods. I found out that I had been making them too thick , and that's why she was gagging . (Well, I guess it has been 2 years since I've made baby food!)

Anyway, she LOVES mangos. LOVES them. but, that was what she had the night she threw up, so we're waiting a little to try those again.

So, today I tried sweet potatoes again - she just doesn't like them. Takes a couple bites, then just will NOT open her mouth after that!

The new food for the day was baby organic yogurt, which is the 2nd thing that she's loved. Opened her mouth for more bites and all! Fun to see her start eating some. But I looked in Grant's baby book and I had written when talking about the 8th month that "solids still aren't a daily necessity". So, made me feel better about Grace. She'll eat, when she's ready.

I do worry about her gross motor skills - am calling about an evaluation tomorrow. But, even if she does have a gross motor delay, we've BTDT, and Grant caught up SO FAST. He was climbing stuff at Monkey Joes that my nephew, who'd been walkign since 10 months old, would never have climbed. anyway - I think I worry because I equate gross motor delay = cognitive delay.

off to bed, although it's SO hard to force myself to go to sleep with out DH here!

Muffins gone wrong

So, I offered to one of my neighbors to bring muffins to our weekly playgroup tomorrow morning. She said that'd be great, so I went through my Weight Watcher recipes to find one that sounded good. (I thought our playgroup could use a healthy snack to kick of the new year!) The Orange-Oatmeal recipe sounded the best, and I had everything on hand.

Well, I ended up being about 1/2 cup short of bisquick, so I googled and found that you can sub Bisquick with flour, baking powder, salt, and some Crisco. (I don't quite get the Crisco, but that's what it said!) So, I measured out the equivalent of the Bisquick I was short - and I decided to use whole wheat flour.

Well, I think I just changed too many things, because the muffins are NOT GOOD. I think the whole wheat flour was just too strong of a flavor - you can't taste the "orange" of the "orange-oatmeal muffins". I'll have to re-do the recipe in the morning, using plain white flour. They're only 3 Weight Watcher points per muffin, so not too bad. (although I could so easily eat like, 3 muffins!)

anyway - I'll let you know how the next batch turns out. ;-)

Matt left for Arkansas around noon today so I'm killing time online instead of going to bed!

I ran to Target this morning to get some groceries. it was GOOD to get out by myself! Stocked up on healthy food! Bye-bye Christmas weight gain :roll:, hello pre-pregnancy weight!

ran 3 miles on the treadmill today, even!

Grant and I had fun playing. we jumped on the bed, and then ran in the living room (made a "track" out of the bumper ran on the "track" and then landed on the couch pillows). I love him. I need him to watch less tv...gotta work on that!

made muffins tonight - NOT GOOD. tried subbing whole wheat flour for part of the bisquick - the WW taste was too strong and overpowered the orange flavor of the muffins. I have a feeling that with out the WW flour, they'd be good!

New Year Resolutions

I'll post my New Year Resolutions soon...but, to inspire all of us in the New Year, here's a good inspirational quote I just came across:

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."

Happy New Year, all!