Matt took Grant to ride Thomas the train last week - Grant had! Here's a picture of them before they left.

Testing the new template!

Yes, once again I'm changing templates. The other one, though I loved all the colors, kept locking up my computer whenever I'd view my blog. So, I'm testing this one out. :)

Only 9 Weeks Old...

and we're already losing accessories! I cannot find Gracie's white headband - the one she's wearing in the last picture I just posted of her in her chair. I have searched the house over, and it is simply not here. At least I know it's got to be in the house somewhere and we didn't lose it when we were out, since she had it on in that picture. I think losing accessories at 9 weeks doesn't bode well for the teenage years!

Happy 2 Months, Baby Girl!

Sweet Baby Grace is 2 months old! I am just amazed at how fast these past 2 months have gone, especially compared with how incredibly mind-numbingly slow the last 2 months of her pregnancy went!

I was shocked at her doctor appointment when they weighed her! I was expecting 8 or so pounds - she weighs 10 pounds, 14 ounces, and is 21" long! Holy weight gain, batman! She's doubled her birth weight in 2 months! She's in the 25th% for height and 50th% for weight on the unadjusted growth chart! She's also doing everything a full-term 2-month-old should be doing - smiling socially, holding her head up some, and starting to look around more purposefully! Yay for Grace!

One of my friends gave me the idea of taking a picture of Grace in a certain spot on her birthday each month - so, here's her 2-month shot in the chair in her nursery. She looks thrilled to be taking the picture, doesn't she? :)

Bath time!

Apple Juice, Amigos!

At our garage sale Saturday, we had several Hispanic families shop. I never want to insult their English ability by automatically switching to Spanish. however, when I heard one family speaking Spanish on the way out, I told Grant, "say adios!" Grant proceeded to enthusiastically wave bye-bye and say "apple juice!! apple juice!" I guess I could see how "adios" could sound like "apple juice!"

So, "Apple juice, amigos!"

To My Dad...


You're one of the most generous people I know. Thank-you for loving me so much...thanks for doing stuff like grocery shopping late at night to make my favorite icecream. Thanks for all the breakfasts, all the cups of coffee you've made me, and all the fun shopping trips! I love you!

Happy Father's Day!

To Matt...

You are an infinitely patient, loving father. Thank-you for reflecting His love to Grant and Grace...they love you so much, as do I.

Happy Father's day, My Sweet.


Grant was sharing his construction toys with Grace! He was telling her all about the front-end loader, the excavator, and all! :)

Half & Half

Mmm...I finally have more half-and-half for my coffee. Truly, there is no substitute! I've been out for several days, and in a pinch Grant's 2% milk will be tolerable. But, oh my goodness the half and half is just so good! What a nice start to the weekend - a good cup of coffee and a wonderful husband who let me sleep in this morning!


It's a beautiful morning here - I sit enjoying my cup of coffee with the windows open! Grace is asleep, all swaddled up (how she LOVES to sleep!), and Grant is soooo happily playing with his new truck his Grandpa Fred got him. What a nice morning!

And, I'm officially 6.8 pounds down on my road to pre-pregnancy weight! I'm glad we're done with having kids, because this losing pregnancy weight stuff is hard! uggh!

I think we're going to eat lunch (tortilla soup!) outside on our patio - something I LOVE doing!

Happy Sunday, all!

Happy Due Date Day, Baby Girl!


9 months ago 2 pink lines changed our lives. I was thrilled to be pregnant, but was such a mix of emotions! Little did I know how much the next months would hold...hyperemesis, 3 pulmonary embolisms, pre-eclampsia - what a journey it would be to get to the day I would hold you in my arms!

But, looking back on this pregnancy saga, my heart is full of wonder. The day I found out I was pregnant with you, I wrote this in my pregnancy journal:

I'm also just praying that no matter what, I'll be able to sense the Lord's presence in all of this. That's what I really want - to be able to feel the hand of God on our lives.

Although I would've preferred to do with out the many hospitalizations, my prayer from last September was overwhelmingly answered. Although in the midst of it all I sometimes wondered what in the world the Lord's plan was, I definitely sensed His presence in it all. The morning of my first pulmonary embolism, I sat at the kitchen table, enjoying a belated Christmas brunch with my parents. My chest hurt, and I thought it was a pulled muscle from tripping the night before - little did I know how serious my chest pain really was! The Lord gave my Matria nurse incredible wisdom to hear my symptoms over the phone and send me straight to the ER.

And, Grace, the Lord continued to give us all of the right doctors at the right times to protect both you and me through an incredibly long 33 1/2 weeks. I am amazed that you and I could be so healthy, after months of health difficulties.

You are such a miracle baby, Miss Grace. I think I will never, ever forget that life-altering moment in the OR when I heard your first little squeak of a cry. You brought tears to my eyes at one minute old, sweet girl, as you entered this world screaming.

My heart does wonder what could have been had we been able to make it longer into the pregnancy. I feel like my body held on as long as possible...through the nausea, the pain, the exhaustion... to be able to grow you as strong as possible. I wish that you didn't have to have any nicu time, but even through the nicu journey, I saw the Lord answer our prayers for you over and over again. Here's a prayer I wrote for you at just 24 hours old:

I know you love Grace more than I do. I have to trust in that. You’ll take care of her, just as you’ve taken care of me and her these past months of pregnancy. Please, Lord, let her sleep peacefully tonight. Let her rest without laboring too hard to breathe. Please let her lungs mature faster than we thought would be possible. I pray that even in a few hours when I call the nicu for an update we’ll get just fantastic news.

And, Sweet Baby Grace, when I called the nicu that morning, we did get fantastic news - you were breathing easier, with no continuing concern of intubation, and your saturation levels continued to get better from that day on. Even the neonatologist told us that you were progressing faster than "textbook" babies do - the Lord was working, for sure!

As I continue to "decompress" from all of the saga of this pregnancy, I am so in love with you, sweet Grace, and am in awe of the Lord's working in our lives. He is truly the creator and sustainer of life, I exalt and praise His name, "for in perfect faithfulness, the Lord has done marvelous things, things planned long ago. " (Isaiah 25:1)

Happy Due Date, Baby Girl. May your life be a testimony of God's amazing grace.