You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

What City Do You Belong In?

I found this fun quiz about what city should I live in, so I thought it would be fun to post! I like their analysis: "You're a big city girl with a small town heart." :-)

What a Cutie!

When Lizzie's really listening to or watching something, her right ear stands up. Cute!

Visits With Old Friends...

We left this past Monday to visit our friends Mike & Rachel and their son Jonathan. They live north of Chicago and are preparing to leave for Thailand to be missionaries. (They're hoping to leave next fall). So, we're trying to squeeze in as many visits with them as possible before they leave.

We hadn't seen their son, Jonathan, since he was about a month old, so it was a lot of fun to play with him!! Here he is in his special fireman outfit worn just for Matt.

Back in the Saddle Again!

Or, should I say, back on the other side of the desk again!

Monday I'll start a very part-time Spanish teaching position at a local Christian school. (And in local, I mean local: it's about 3 minutes from our house!) It's one-class-a-day, 4-days-a-week, and I'm through-the-roof excited! It feels great to break out my Spanish supplies again: lesson planning, here I come!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes! I'm trying to be a better blogger!